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Introduction of Badran Pars Niroo Co

According to the renewable energy capacity in Iran and rising demand from consumers in industry, commerce and public sectors and with regard to the fifth development plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran which has a focus on renewable energies and also the policies of Iranian government in this field of activity, Iran has excellent privileges to take advantage of the grace of God such as purchasing the electricity generated by wind power stations for 20 years and transfer the land ownership of 2000 ha, in comparison with other American & European countries.

This company by using the most advanced economic and scientific models and employing trained and experienced staff with expertise in engineering, legal, public and international relations, planning and human resources and also with presence of energy specialists and scientists, has begun its activity based on Iran's development plan & horizon of Iran 1400 and has considered it as the strategic objective until realization the plan approved by the general assembly.

The BPN Int'l Companies Complex as the main member of Khavaran Main Industries Complex is including 8 specialized companies & int'l offices in Netherlands, Germany, Italy, China, Canada and the US that is using its different capabilities for constructing and equipping all kind of small & medium scale power generation plants with capacity of 5KW to 100 KW for residential & administrative buildings, hotels, hospitals, holy, recreation, sport & educational places and also doing feasibility studies in order to constructing wind farms with the Capacity up to 1000 MW for generating power for industrial factories and producing portable solar systems in 30W, 50W, 80W & 100W,  Cryogenic industries, industries homes, programming for robots and oil, gas & petrochemicals therefore, its announce its readiness for providing these productions & services. Receiving the technology of 2MW wind turbines and the production line of solar panels from most valid European, Chinese and Indian manufacturers which have so many int'l certificates and also our strategic product, the water pump that reduce consumption of power up to 80%, height rover robot which is applicable in military & oil industries are our other plans for near future.

Presence of Prof. Dr. Hossein Afaride as the official expert of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the former assistant of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, the chairman of the postgraduate school of nuclear physics, the head of energy commission of parliament in sixth & seventh and many other experiences and also presence of Dr. Aref Khojaste as the CEO of Samen Niroo engineering Co. / CEO of Farhangian-e-Khorasan engineering consulting Co. /the official member of GWEC & WWEA / research consultant of Jahad Nasr Khorasan Co. in construction of 100-MW wind power plant/ head of Iran's High Council Policy for public relations in Khorasan province; has made many impact on advancing the objectives and plans of the company in recent years, that we have completed it with accompaniment of people, experts and engineers; Therefore we hope to utilize this wide trust of various sector managers in a decent manner.


Gallery Image Head Officee BPN and CEO BPN Mr.Khojaste