Conference on the renewable energy market in Iran

Meeting of BPN-Germany delegation with Secretary General of WWEA in Bonn, Germany

Conference on the renewable energy market in Iran

Conference on the renewable energy market in Iran (2016-08-12 until 2016-08-14)

Iran is a country of thousands of years of civilization and a very rich history and a country of massive amounts of fossil resources of oil and gas. This country is geographically located extremely advantageously in the Middle East with a connection to the Caspian Sea to the north and the Persian Gulf to the south. More important, Iran is blessed with excellent wind conditions over large parts of the country and it aims to take advantage of it.

The Iranian government has passed laws to further enforce this (still) small but growing market by buying electricity by non-governmental suppliers at relatively high tariffs and allocating land for free to investors (250 hectares/100 MW). It is worth noting that in accordance with the third five-year development program of the I.R. of Iran, subsidies for industries, mines and agriculture is supposed to be eliminated and this will increase the demand for the use of renewable energies in Iran.

BPN – Badran Pars Niroo, is formed by Iranian professors & experts who are active in energy fields. One of the main policies of BPN is to communicate and interact with international companies, organizations, unions & associations in the field of renewable energies. BPN has an outstanding expertise in the local market and in the market of neighboring countries regarding renewable energy. Furthermore BPN has excellent contacts to the respective institutions in the Iranian government and therefore delightedly announces that the first “Conference on the renewable energy market in Iran” takes place in August 2016.

“Conference on the renewable energy market in Tehran/Iran” (organized by BPN – Badran Pars Niroo)

  • Date: August 12th – August 14th 2016 in Tehran/Iran
  • Location: TBA
    • Agenda: Discussing opportunities for investments in renewable energies in Iran, one-on-one meetings with high-ranking decision makers from the government and industry

Participants of Iranian side:         

  • Vice-President and Head of Management and Planning Organization Advisor to the president, Mr. Mohammad Bagher Nobakht
  • Energy ministry of the I.R. of Iran
  • Heads of other involved governmental institutions
  • Organizations for renewable energy in Iran
  • Private companies for renewable energy in Iran

Addressees: This conference is an excellent opportunity for foreign companies that are interested and/or planning to expand their operations to Iran. These companies are kindly invited to submit their applications until July 07th 2016, containing website, presentation of the company, project references (recent/current/future) to (subject: Conference August 2016 in Tehran).


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