Meeting of BPN-Germany delegation with Secretary General of WWEA in Bonn, Germany

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Conference on the renewable energy market in Iran

Meeting of BPN-Germany delegation with Secretary General of WWEA in Bonn, Germany

In a meeting of BPN-Germany on 1st June 2016 with Secretary General, Mr. Stefan Gsaenger of the renowned WWEA (World Wind Energy Association) in Bonn/Germany both sides discussed ways of further expanding ties between WWEA and BPN on the grounds of a cooperation in different fields.

WWEA is an international non-profit organization which serves more than 600 members worldwide in the wind energy business as a communication platform. It also advises governments and international organizations on wind energy technology.  

This cooperation includes:

  • Organized trainings of BPN and WWEA in wind energy questions through WWEA experts and/or other members of WWEA with the aim of issuing certificates to the participants
  • Opening a joint bureau of WWEA and BPN in Iran which would serve as a representative office for WWEA in the country and as an educational institution
  • Holding one of the annual conferences of WWEA in Iran and inviting WWEA to visit Iran in the near future
  • Attending of WWEA to a local conference organized by BPN beginning of August.      

Both sides stressed the continuously rising economical, strategic and geographic importance of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the actors in the wind energy business in the years to come. Iran (usually a country of vast fossil resources) has created great legislative incentives for wind energy investments garnished with an environment that perfectly serves the need for wind and solar power.


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