BPN Photovoltaic Panels

General Specification of BPN Photovoltaic Panels

  • Various models (more than 23 model by 5 to 100 watt)
  • Latest technology with the highest energy conversion ratio
  • Ongoing inspection and quality control for raw materials
  • Generate AC & DC flow
  • Needless to continuing maintenance
  • Anodizedaluminumframe or without frame
  • With international standards
  • 5 Years guarantee
  • 15 Years shelf life

BPN Photovoltaic Panel Applications

  • Supplying power for domestic consumption and connecting to national power grid
  • Using for all kinds of buildings like home, hotel, hospital, Recreation, commercial and educational centers
  • Lighting the urban roads & environment
  • Lighting the green areas
  • Places that do not have access to the national electricity grid or not be justified