Consortium principles

Dear Telenia Groupo

In recent months, we have formed the economic relations with a group of business executives from Spain, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, India, the UAE (and soon Tanzania, Malaysia and the USA) centered on the BPN co, in order to buy and sell various products, especially fuel and petroleum products. BPN has gained basic & required knowledge of each party’s capacities & potentials so, it became aware that all of the companies are large and empowered in their field of activity in their region.

It is perfectly clear that the team work could always be resulted better, especially in business and economy that if the work would be based on right structure, parties’ capabilities and honesty relations, it can be very successful.

We, as your central interface in the mentioned countries and with regard to our state and private facilities and communications in various domains like Road construction, Tourism, Oil & Gas and Joint investment, attempt to analyze exiting problems in our relations with each of your loved ones, and find a good solution to remove the sanctions and other obstacles.

Proposal of commissioning the consortium can be an effective & executive plan in all economic fields in those countries that cooperation among these companies based on common patterns in the world economy is shapeable and it provides the desired results through team working.

The consortium could be formed in each of the applicant countries and started to design economic relations among its members based on common and individual capabilities. In this plan, engineering and investment projects or in other words, economical projects will be to the form that Individual and group benefits would be regarded like following types:


  • The proposer company can use the financial, operational and logistical abilities of each other or other group collaborations and then run its project. In this plan, the group benefits are specified by collective agreements and each project shall have an independent contract.
  • The members have a duty to refer certain number of profitable projects per a year to the consortium in the shortest possible time.
  • If necessary, each member can be the representative of other members of the consortium in order to gain profitable projects.
  • – The members may run any economic activities in all around the world on behalf of the consortium.
  • The presented projects must be in the sphere of the consortium capabilities and in compliance with the rules of intended
  • The cooperation between the members (out of consortium) is prohibited and any economic activity should be performed by the consortium and they cannot practice any economic, cultural, artistic and other items, just for becoming familiarwith each other.
  • The consortium should apply to open a bank account in the agreed countries to be used for its finance affaires.
  • The net profit of each completed project should be shared with consortium and the consortium’s shares have to be deposited in the joint account.
  • The consortium can target the financial process in to be a financial institution or a private bank to achieve its goals and have a dedicated financial organization.
  • Financial control systems, audit and data protection will be activated in the consortium Secretariat.
  • According to undoubtedly welcoming of the public and private sectors, consortium can be linked to senior level government and individuals or entities in order to establish the necessary communication
  • Consortium or any of the members can participate in any tenders & auctions on behalf of the consortium.

These items are preliminary and require further studies in various fields and should be checked by each one of the companies to become better form as statute. These primary items are for forming the consortium and it can be more completed by your reply so that everyone comes to a meeting to sign it as soon as possible.

From my perspective and others, the consortium will have a perfect future and regarding to solving Iran’s political problems during next 2 years; the consortium could create its infrastructures in order to start great economic operations in Iran and would be one of the firsts in Iran’s market.