Wind Power

Wind power was used by mankind in a very long time before and in many different ways. Iranian people were the first nations which were using the wind energy in order to flour the grains by windmills. Today, there are some of their debris in Khaf & Taybad in east of Iran.

General Specification of BPN Wind Turbines

  • Various Models (more than 15 models with 200w to 2MW)
  • Vertical & Horizontal axes
  • In accordance with the aerodynamics principles
  • No vibration
  • 20 years shelf life
  • Off grid & On grid
  • Wind tunnel testing by the manufacturer
  • Needless to continues maintenance
  • Easy to set up & launch
  • Light weight
  • Safety brake system to withstand strong winds
  • AC to DC inverter
  • Corrosion protective coating
  • Mechanical & Electronic detector in manual & automatic modes

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